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At House of Splashbacks we pride ourselves on exceptional Quality, premium Service and price Affordability.

Working alongside graphic designers enables House of Splashbacks to offer you a product that is unique to you. Our experts will come to you and provide a FREE MEASURE & QUOTE.

Whether it be at your residential home, corporate office or out for a coffee, we bring you all our Splashback Samples for you to see and select the right style for you.

Kitchen ART Printed glass

The Art Printed Glass Splashback is considered to be an interior design breakthrough that merges graphics and photography with the beautiful product that is glass. This combination will add depth, colour and life to your kitchen.

Choose from our selections, created by renown graphic designers or create your own amazing artwork that can forever be a centrepiece in your kitchen area.

bathroom ART printed glass

Replace white bathroom walls and create a masterpiece that can luxuriate your space as well as foster tranquillity. If you are trying to give life to an old bathroom or build a new beautiful space; Art Printed Splashbacks will do this effortlessly.

Art Printed Splashbacks are not only aesthetically pleasing but they also serve to protect areas that are prone to dampening. View our selection of glass and designs to find the perfect one for you

acid ethched art printed glass

Art can be printed on a range of glass types. Acid Etched Glass is tough, smooth and easy to clean. By layering coloured sheets and frosted glass, you can create a matte finish that will exude understated elegance.

Skilfully printed on this alluring material, our Acid Etched Printed Glass Selection is made from an opaque yet translucent material that can be a statement piece in any living space.