Exception Quality, Premium Service at Affordable Prices

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At House of Splashbacks we pride ourselves on exceptional Quality, premium Service and price Affordability.

All our glass undergo a toughing process to ensure you receive a physically and thermally stronger Splashback. Our experts will come to you and provide a FREE MEASURE & QUOTE.

Whether it be at your residential home, corporate office or out for a coffee, we bring you all our Splashback Samples for you to see and select the right style for you.


With over 3,000+ colours to choose from, let your imagination run wild and we'll ensure your kitchen space makes a statement!

Our splashbacks are heat resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and provides long lasting protection ahead of all other splashback materials.

The selection between Solid and Metallic Coloured glass splashbacks will bring a new sense of style and elegance to showcase your space.


If an inherent feeling of spaciousness is what you desire then a Mirrored Splashback is what you are looking for in your area.

Any ordinary kitchen can be transformed into a modern and stylish area by incorporating a Mirrored Splashback to produce a streamlined effect.

Mirrored Splashbacks not only visually expand your entire space but they also look fabulous! This style embraces simplicity and minimalism.


Our premium glass is manufactured using Low Iron technology. The ultra-clear glass produces remarkable clarity and is the ideal solution for transparent or coloured glass.

Low Iron glass eliminates the green tinge effect noticeable by ordinary glass which inherently presents a products' true colour and is available in thicknesses from 6mm.

Our selections of glass are tailored to meet your ideal layout, design and colour scheme; allowing you to create an atmosphere that is inherently you.